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How does Lo-Flo™ save me water?

The Lo-Flo™ sprinkler head uses unique wobbler-head technology to efficiently and even distribute water over the selected area.

Proven in tests to be 9 times more efficient than old generation sprinklers (Vortex, 3 Arm, Rainbox, etc).

The Lo-Flo™ sprinkler head has a lower flow rate (resulting in no run off) when compared to many older style sprinklers, meaning you will use less water to get the same desired green effect!

How is Lo-Flo™ better than my old round metal sprinkler with one hole in the middle?
Lo-Flo™ Sprinkler Head Old Generation Sprinkler (Vortex, 3 Arm, Rainbox)
Uses only 5L of water per minute Uses up to 25L of water per minute
Slow water application - ensures deep soaking down to plant roots, improving plant health Applies water quickly - resulting in increased run-off, pooling, evaporation and waste
Water throws at a low 10 degree angle – less drift Sprays high – water easily lost by wind and evaporation
Waters extremely efficiently, applying even amounts to target area. Proven in tests to be 9 times more efficient Water applied unevenly in a donut shape, patches or too close to sprinkler, resulting in under-watered and over-watered areas
Link together to water large or unusual shaped areas in one watering – no moving required Needs to be moved regularly to cover the area
Works off a rainwater tank with no pump – diameter dependent on pressure Will not work effectively from a rainwater tank without a pump
I have a long L-shaped lawn and have to move my metal vortex sprinkler many times because it does not cover much area. How would the Lo-Flo™ help me?

The Lo-Flo™ can be easily joined together in-line:

  • Simply remove the black outlet cap on the base
  • Screw on a female thread x snap adapter
  • Cut a 3m to 4m length of hose
  • Fit a snap connector at each end
  • Finally, use a tap timer to set and forget!

You can run the hose and sprinkler around the corner of the L-section, and water most or all of the area at once!

Do I need a Pressure Regulator?

In cases where your water pressure is extremely high this can affect the performance of the Lo-Flo™ Sprinkler (and other outdoor water appliances including timer taps).

A pressure regulator, attached to either the tap or into first Lo-Flo™ Sprinkler, will reduce and even out the water pressure, allowing a constant strong stream rather than a raging torrent.

We recommend a pressure regulator set at 175 kPa (25psi).

You can purchase a Pressure Regulator in our online store!

How much water does my lawn need?

Our garden experts suggest applying water in long deep soaks and using a tap timer. Your lawn will benefit from approximately 20-25mm of water per week.

How far apart should I space my Lo-Flo™?

Our experts suggest spacing your Lo-Flos™ 3.5-5m apart depending on your water pressure. The lower your water pressure, the closer you will need to space your sprinklers.

The Lo-Flo™ applies approximate water coverage with the below spacing configurations:

  • 25mm per hour - 3.5m x 3.5m spacing
  • 12mm per hour @ 5m x 5m spacing

Watering time and amount will vary depending on weather conditions, soil and local water restrictions/pressure.

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