Water saving garden products designed for harsh Australian conditions.

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Lo-Flo™ Sprinkler and Garden Spike work directly from a rain water tank with or without a pump.


Don't just take our word for it!

We have received many comments on how the Lo-Flo™ Sprinkler is saving people water, time and money.

Here is a selection of responses from both email and a survey conducted through Mitre 10 Glenunga SA.

  • Patrice & Pete, Brooklyn Park SA
    We have recently installed rainwater tanks specifically to water our garden and save on mains water. We have tried other sprinklers off these tanks, without a pump, and have been very disappointed with their results as they mainly bubbled or had a very small throw and mainly flooded a small spot. We were extremely pleased to find your Lo-Flo Sprinkler does everything we want. It covers around 2 metres and puts out 1.5 litres per minute (yes we’ve measured it!!).
    Patrice & Pete, Brooklyn Park SA
  • Gary D, Hawthorn SA
    I water my lawn in the evening (under water restrictions), unfortunately we get quite severe gully breezes in our hills location, consequently much of the water applied with my old sprinkler, that threw quite high, was simply blown away and wasted on my paving. Because your sprinkler throws its water very low, I can now irrigate my lawn without water being wasted. Thank you.
    Gary D, Hawthorn SA
  • Peter H, Blackwood SA
    Brilliant sprinkler! I am saving water and time using the Lo-Flo Sprinkler. My old round metal sprinkler would take 3 hours to water the garden, lots of moving every 15 minutes and lots of flooding. The Lo-Flo Sprinkler covers a wide area but doesn’t flood. I can now water the yard in half the time and it’s looking great.
    Peter H, Blackwood SA

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