Designed for Aussie lawns & gardens

Lo-Flo™ Sprinkler Information

With low water use, this low flow sprinkler uses 5 litres of water per minute, with a spray diameter of up 10m.

Applies 25mm per hour @ 3.5m x 3.5 spacing; 12mm per hour @ 5m x 5m spacing. Watering time depends on weather, soil and local water restrictions.

Lawns benefit from 20-25mm of water per week.

We suggest applying water in long deep soaks and using a tap timer.

For optimum watering move the Lo-Flo™ Sprinkler about 3.5m to 5m spacings in a grid formation.

Adjust tap down to minimize mist or use a pressure regulator. Where high water pressure may be an issue, we recommend a 19mm (3/4") pressure regulator set at 175kPa (25psi) (refer Purchase page) attached either to the tap or Lo-Flo Sprinkler.

For optimum performance ensure both wheels are firmly on the ground to prevent free wheel spin.

For optimum watering move the Lo-Flo™ Sprinklerabout 3.5m to 5m spacings in a grid formation. For optimum watering move the Lo-Flo™ Sprinklerabout 3.5m to 5m spacings in a grid formation.

Lo-Flo™ Sprinklers link together to water large or unusual shaped areas.

Simply unscrew back cap off sprinkler, add a 19mm (3/4") tap adaptor, click on 3.5 – 5m of hose then attach the next Lo-Flo Sprinkler. Dependent on your water pressure, this can be repeated many times to run multiple Lo-Flo Sprinklers. Refer to Purchase page for Connector Kits.

Note: As some commercial tap adaptors have different threads, we recommend removing the washer on the back cap of the Lo-Flo Sprinkler and adding it to the tap adaptor you will be using (now 2 washers) to prevent any potential leakage. This process is not necessary if using our Connector Kit.

How does Lo-Flo™ Sprinkler differ from traditional sprinklers?

Lo-Flo™ Sprinkler - New Generation Old Generation (vortex, 3 arm, rainbox)
Uses only 5 litres of water per minute Uses up to 25 litres of water per minute
Slow water application ensures deep soaking down to plant roots – needed for plant health Applies water quickly resulting in increased run-off, pooling, evaporation and waste
Water throws at low 10 degrees angle – less drift Sprays high – water easily affected by wind and evaporation
Waters extremely efficiently, applying even amounts of water to target area. Proven in tests to be 9 times more efficient Water applied unevenly in donut shape, in patches or close to sprinkler resulting in underwatered and overwatered areas
Link together to water large or unusual shape areas in one watering – no moving Needs to be moved regularly to cover the area
Works off rainwater tank with no pump – diameter dependent on head of pressure Will not work effectively

Lo-Flo™ Sprinkler Warranty

Guaranteed free from defects in materials & workmanship for 1 year from date of purchase to original owner. It is our option to repair or replace the product.

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