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How is the Low-Flo Sprinkler better than my old round metal sprinkler with one hole in the middle?

Your old sprinkler typically would use 25 litres per minute and throws water high in the air where the wind blows it around and small particles of water are lost to evaporation. The Lo-Flo is a low flow sprinkler that uses only 5 litres per minute, it is Lo-Thro™ – only reaching about 1 metre in height, and has a medium droplet size that does not break up and blow around.

Your old sprinkler probably dumps all the water over a small area and is prone to flooding and therefore needs to be moved very often, whereas the Lo-Flo covers an area of about 30 m² over a 10m diameter, allowing slow gentle soaking into the root zone.

How does the Lo-Flo Sprinkler save me water?

Lo-Flo Sprinkler has a lower flow compared to many older style sprinklers, is highly efficient and distributes water evenly over the wetted area. So to water to the desired "green" effect, it uses less water with a low flow sprinkler head (The mini-Wobbler®), rather than requiring overwatering in some areas to wet the dryer areas that are evident using old low efficient sprinklers.

We have a long L shaped lawn and I have to move my metal vortex sprinkler many times a night because it does not cover much area at a time. How would the Lo-Flo help me?

The Lo-Flo can be joined together in-line. Simply remove the black outlet cap on the base, screw on a female thread x snap adaptor, cut a 3m to 4 m length of hose, fit a snap connecter at each end and use a tap timer to set and forget. You can run the hose and sprinkler around the corner of the L section, and water most or all of the area at once!

Do I need a Pressure Regulator?

In cases where your water pressure is extremely high, it can affect the performance of the Lo-Flo Sprinkler (and other outdoor water appliances including timer taps). A pressure regulator, attached to either the tap or into first Lo-Flo Sprinkler, will reduce and even out the water pressure, allowing a constant strong stream rather than a raging torrent. We recommend a pressure regulator set at 175 kPa (25psi). Purchase a Pressure Regulator on our Online Store »

How much water can I save?

This depends on a lot of factors, but we have customers who report saving a lot of water, and getting a better looking lawn because of the efficient distribution of water from the Lo-Flo.

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